Sunday, June 14, 2009

That just doesn't cut it....

I remember a time back at Millville Grade School when Principal Baker needed to cut a few lengths of baling twine for some project he was working on. When he asked my old buddy Stinky Wilmont if he had a pocket knife with him, Stinky replied, "I got my pants on, ain't I?"

Pocket knives were standard equipment when I was kid. You couldn't whittle, or play mumblety peg, or sharpen a horse weed without one. And if you didn't have one when the "sight unseen knife swap" started, you were a social pariah, at least for that recess.

A pocket knife is still part of my every day attire. I don't have a lot of time to whittle anymore, but I do use it to sharpen pencils, dig out splinters, and peel the occasional apple. For now anyway.

The Customs and Border Protection Agency is pushing to have most pocket knives placed under the same restrictions as switchblades, making them illegal in most places, most of the time.

No more whittlin', no more diggin' out splinters, and no more apple peelin' I guess.

Sorry Stinky. Hopefully we can get this stopped. Just keep your pants on.

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