Saturday, November 14, 2009

Can you hear me now?...

The current health care debate has generated a lot of discussion on just what constitutes a "right". I've always maintained that our rights cannot conflict with somebody else's rights. That is, if something you consider to be your right requires the initiation of force against another individual, it isn't really a right. I don't think it matters whether you forcibly take some one's property on your own, or whether you designate someone else to take it for you.

I've heard arguments from a lot of people that as long as the government is doing the taking, it's somehow different. That your "right" to health care entitles the government to take something from Peter and give it to Paul, even if it would be wrong for Paul to take it from Peter on his own.

Apparently, the government has decided that it's now a right to have a cell phone. I guess it's also a right to get to use it for 70 minutes a month.

I'm glad my kids didn't find this out a few years ago.



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