Saturday, November 21, 2009

Who are you gonna call?....

A few years ago, "Ghostbusters" was a popular answer to that question. Never having been troubled by ghosts, I never had need for their services. I do have my plumber on speed dial, and the electrician. Also Gary down at the hardware store and Jarod at the lumber yard. I've got three numbers to get ahold of my wife, and two to get ahold of Mom, so I think I'm pretty well covered for most emergencies.

I guess sometimes situations might change your calling circle. The rumor at coffee this morning was that as soon as Richard Lugar learned that his wife Charlene had been arrested for DUI and a hit and run accident, the first call he made was to Indiana State Representative Thomas Saunders.

Makes sense to me.

Although if he had called earlier she might have had three days to sober up.

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