Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baby Mamas?

Sometimes things just happen. Sometimes things aren't anybody's fault, and sometimes things happen when there's no one to blame.

And then sometimes things happen when there is enough blame to go around for everbody.

I read This Story today about a young man that was in trouble with the law for threatening to run over a couple of women a while back. Apparently the women were roommates. And apparently each of them had a child. The man that tried to run them down was the father of both of the babies. And another baby somewhere else.

It's not too hard to blame the the man for being a completely amoral moron. And there's also plenty of blame for the judgment the women used, or didn't use.

But there's also plenty of blame for a society that rewards this type of behavior. And make no mistake, we do reward it. These people that make horrible decisions aren't supporting themselves. That job falls on people that make good decisions and then pay taxes.

And the better decisions they make, the more taxes they pay.

And the people that make more bad decisions will get more of the money that the good decision makers pay.

And that's our fault for standing by and letting it happen.


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