Saturday, July 31, 2010


Back in April, I blogged about one of the unforseen consequences when Congress passes a bill that they haven't read.

Apparently, somebody in Congress finally got around to reading it. This morning I saw this story about how Congress is trying to deal with their latest mistake.

Buried in the new health care bill is a provision that requires businesses to file 1099's on any business that provides them more than $600.00 in goods or services for the year. If you have operated a large business, small business, non-profit or charitable organization in the last few years, you already know the amount of time it takes to comply with required government paperwork. Now consider the possibility of doubling that paperwork. Even the IRS won't be able to keep up (without hiring more employees, of course).

Right now they're trying to come up with a bill to fix the last one they passed.

I wonder if any of them will read it.

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