Sunday, November 14, 2010

17,543,940,979,332,434, more or less...

I read the other day that there are 17,543,940,979,332,434 gallons of water in the Atlantic Ocean. There's about twice that much in the Pacific Ocean. Sounds like a lot of water to me, and it sounds like whoever figured that out has way too much time on their hands.

In my younger days, whenever I made an effort to help out on a project, my Dad always encouraged me by saying "Well, like the little old lady said when she peed in the ocean, 'Every little bit helps!'". (I don't think he said it if there were any little old ladies around, though.) Of course at the time, I didn't know how many gallons of water were in the ocean, and I wasn't sure about the urinary output of little old ladies, but I did get the gist of his meaning.

I imagine some people might think I have too much time on my hands, because I've spent some time in the last week going over the results of this years general election. Some of the results reminded me of Dad's "little old lady" comment.

I ran for the Indiana House of Representatives District 54 seat on the Libertarian Party ticket. In that particular race, I was able to win 4 precincts in Wayne County. I also won a couple of precincts in Henry County.

Then comes the "little old lady" part. I lost 1 precinct by 1 vote. I lost another precinct by 8 votes. It was a three-way race, and I was able to finish 2nd in Wayne County, 7% ahead of the Democrat. I finished second in a precinct in Henry County, and missed finishing second in 5 more precincts by a total of 28 votes. I missed finishing 2nd in Randolph County by 7 votes. Just a few more votes here and there would have made a big difference. A few more would have made a even bigger difference.

Across the region and across the state, Libertarian candidates continue to gain votes and support with each election. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes just a little bit.

More voters are beginning realize to that we can't afford for government to keep growing at it's present rate. When they realize that the Libertarians are the only party advocating smaller government, we'll gain a little more.

And like Dad always says, every little bit helps.


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