Friday, April 08, 2011

Talkin' Trash...

I saw a clip on the news this morning that some people in Washington D.C. were threatening to take their trash over to the yard of John Boehner. Apparently if there is a federal government shutdown, which is possible if Boehner stands his ground on making some meager budget cuts, the government won't be picking up the trash in Washington.

Some of us have thought for a long time that government was doing things it really shouldn't be doing. That's why our federal budget is $3.4 trillion a year, and why our federal debt is over $14 trillion. It's also why so many local governments are running out of money, and looking to raise taxes.

A lot of the people we know pay to have their own trash picked up. And some people who don't want to pay to have their trash picked up, recycle what they can and haul the rest of it to the transfer station or landfill themselves. I'd much rather look after my own trash and not have to deal with quite as much government.

I guess a lot of people would rather have the government do it for them. But I'd think that if you had already loaded your trash into your car, the logical thing would be to take it to the tranfer station or landfill.

I guess people who expect the government to pick up their trash don't think that.



Blogger said...

I read once that a city quit picking up trash. Residents were forced to pay per pick up. The more they threw away, the more it cost.

Turns out folks began recycling to save money. Land fills had less garbage to deal with.

All is well in Libertopia.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Dumpster Dude said...

Quite correct, people can save lot of money if they start recycling.

10:24 AM  

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