Sunday, May 01, 2011

Judge not....

I'm not a fan of reality TV. I've never watched an episode of "Survivor". I'm aware of the concept, but I could never get past the fact that just a few feet away from somebody who found it necessary to eat a bug in order to survive, was a camera crew with a motor home and and a refrigerator full of ham sandwiches.

My wife and I spent last weekend at the Libertarian Party of Indiana 2011 Convention up in La Porte. We ate a lot of food, listened to a lot of speakers, visited with a lot of friends, and all the other things people do when they have a convention.

On Saturday night, at this particular convention, the LPIN held a Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament. One of the players was Rupert Boneham, who recently decided to throw in with the LP and it's limited government philosophy. "Survivor" fan or not, you've probably seen Rupert in some capacity or another in the past few years. At least I have, but I never paid much attention. I've always had a hard time taking somebody seriously if they didn't seem to take themselves seriously. From a distance, and at least for me, Rupert's wardrobe and coiffure seemed to put him in that category.

I had a chance to visit with Rupert after my short stay at the tables. It turns out he's a serious guy. Aside from running a successful business, he also runs a program called Rupert's Kids. It gives young people that have run afoul of the law a better chance to get straightened out before they run afoul of the law again. He runs it with his own money, and corporate and private donations. I was impressed enough to make one. I was also impressed that he doesn't seek or accept tax money.

So I was wrong, and as part of my penance, I going to ask you to visit his website at and send him some money or other help if you're so inclined.

But I'm not going to watch "Survivor".



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