Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kneedful things....

When I started driving nails and building things some 40 odd years ago, I had several of my mentors suggest that I should be wearing knee pads when the project I was working on involved crawling around on a floor or roof. Since I had always found them to be hot and uncomfortable, I considered the notion quite silly at the time. Somewhere in that 40 years my knees reached the point where the notion wasn't so silly anymore.

The knee pads I wear now make the crawling around a little more bearable,and they are certainly better than nothing, but I imagine a little of the suggested preventative knee pad wearing might have saved a lot of wear and tear in the first place. If it hadn't taken so long to decide that I needed them, I probably wouldn't need them quite as much now.

The federal debt is up around $15 trillion now, and the congressional super committee just announced that they couldn't come up with a suitable plan to cut federal spending, the federal deficit, or the federal debt. That doesn't really surprise me, because everybody on the committee benefits somehow from big government, most of the time in the form of money and favors they can hand out to the people that helped them get to Washington in the first place, and stay there now.

Libertarians have been warning for a long time that the government's current level of spending is unsustainable. It's gone on so long now that the taxes we pay as individuals don't raise enough to cover the money the government hands back to us through its social programs. If we are to survive as a free nation, eventually we will have to accept and deal with that fact.

Hopefully while we're still standing.

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