Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yes you can....

We spend a lot of time discussing what government should and shouldn't do. Being a Libertarian, I generally think government should do a lot less than it does.

We also spend a lot of time discussing what government can and can't do. About a hundred years ago, we decided that the government could lay claim to some portion of our income. We didn't put any limit on the amount it can claim, leaving ourselves in the position that the government could seize 100% of what we earn if it deemed it necessary.

More recently, Congress passed and President Obama signed, The National Defense Authorization Act. It gave our government the ability to indefinitely detain, or execute, any person in the world.

Last Friday, President Obama signed an executive order entitled National Defense Resources Preparedness. You can read the whole thing here:

It basically gives a whole list of government agencies the ability to seize, in peacetime, any type or amount of private property they deem necessary for practically any reason.

We can continue to discuss what our government should do, but there isn't much sense in discussing what our government can do.

As of last Friday, it can do whatever it wants to do.


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