Sunday, October 28, 2012

May the force and coercion be with you...

  If you live in Indiana, and if you have access to electricity and a television or computer, I imagine you have seen the commercial where United States Senate candidate Richard Mourdock states that he likes to use politics to inflict his views on others. The Democrats that are paying for the commercial seem to be offended by his statement. I'm not sure why.

  That is the way government has worked for years. Democrats and Republicans go to Washington, create new laws and programs, which we as citizens are then forced to obey and fund. Regardless of how necessary or unnecessary each of of us feel the law or program may be, we are expected to obey and fund it. If we disobey a law with which we disagree, or attempt to withhold funding from some government program, we face arrest or fines. If we resist the arrest or fines, there is a good chance the government will come after us to inflict their views with a gun. If we resist that, there is a good chance that we will be shot. I consider that pretty inflictive.

  As a people, we have always had divided opinions. And even when we don't see eye to eye with our neighbor, for the most part we have been able to agree to disagree, and to go our separate ways. And as long as our neighbor isn't perpetrating some type of force or fraud against us or somebody else, we seem able to co-exist. We may not like that neighbor, but we somehow manage to tolerate our differences.
  Government doesn't work that way. Government as we know it is based on force and coercion. The power of that force and coercion is what creates the divisiveness we find in the Republicans and Democrats today. Neither party is opposed to force and coercion, they just want to be the party in charge of administering them.

  As a Libertarian, I take a different view of things. I figure the government shouldn't be making laws other than ones that serve to protect us from force and fraud, and I figure if the government wants to come up with some programs to help people manage their lives, then people ought to be able to decide if they want to use those programs or not.

  I know that's not how government works now, but I figure if we elected a few Libertarians, it could work like that.

  I also know that neither the Republicans or Democrats are the least bit interested in removing the force and coercion from government.

  Go figure.


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