Friday, February 15, 2013

License to steal...

  I've never tried to hide the fact that I want a lot less government than we have currently. Sometimes it needs to be reduced because it is too expensive, and sometimes it needs to be reduced because it is too intrusive. Sometimes it needs to be reduced because it is both.

  I've never been a fan of government licensing. I figure I ought to be able decide who I want to cut what's left of my hair, or serve me a beer if I ever decide to drink a beer, without that person having to get permission from the government first.

  I'll probably pay a little more attention to the credentials of a lawyer or a doctor should I ever require the services of either, but beyond those credentials, I put a lot more stock in past performance and customer satisfaction than I do in a government issued license.

  I'm sure there are people out there who would feel better if the people they hire have a government license of some kind, and if they choose to make that a requirement before hiring that person, I'd have to say go for it. But I also think anybody that wants to hire another person to perform a service based solely upon their own research and observations should be able to do that too.

  I heard on the radio yesterday that Illinois was considering raising the licensing fee for doctors from $300.00 to $700.00.

  They claim they need the money so that they can hire more people to issue licenses.

  It's a vicious circle.


Blogger As Sumner Sees It said...

Are you a strict Objectivist or do you want a return to a strong Constitutional governance? I speak not of a Constitution as the left currently sees it. That would be as an out of date document more aptly referred to as a parchment that requires much manipulation, reinterpretation, and weakening. Instead, I refer to the work of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson based on their inspiration found in the works of George Mason.
I feel todays centralized government has gained a foothold among the ignorant and apathetic as well as the unmotivated and the dependent and they maintain power through the cult of personality.
It may have taken it's first slide into the abyss with the Progressive posture of Teddy Roosevelt and the term of Woodrow Wilson but in my eyes it wasn't Franklin Roosevelt who really started the entitlement mentality in all it's ignorant glory but instead it was Lyndon Johnson and his "Great Society" which was actually a ruse to develope a perpetually dependent class of people who looked forward to the next program they could sign up for that required little of theirselves and much from the actual producers and machinery of the American Economy. As more and more is taken, the reactions from those who are fleeced by force and coercion become less of a low grumble and more of a loud resistant protest that this system cannot continue as it is and must be radically changed or it will collapse into chaos and shocking revolution. I could go on and on but I feel you have had this converstion with yourself and many others before. Rex, I am a man of modest means and at times I find myself scrapping by paycheck to paycheck. I endured a year with out full time employment but somehow i always met my obligations. I have tried to get food stamps but it is only for a brief period like a month or two and then it expires or I am deemed ineligible. My wife does not work as I asked her to be a homemaker and tend to the raising of our two boys. I feel like over 30 years of steady employment I paid into the unemployment insurance program enough to use it however briefly that I did. I am not against a person getting assistance but in no way is it a means to an end and should only be used for temporary help.
Well. you've seen my posts and I'm sure you have a good idea where I am coming from. I have a blog such as yours but haven't posted much lately. The whole current political scene and it's media minions have taken a lot of fight out of me. I love your views and read them every chance i get.
Just wanted to let you know, I see you and appreciate you.
Mark Sumner

11:51 PM  

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