Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Take that...

  I read today that the Indiana Legislature is looking at drug testing welfare recipients before they give them "their" benefits. It's been done in other states, usually with Republicans arguing that it needs to be done to ensure that the recipients aren't misusing the money, and Democrats arguing that it violates the recipients rights and ultimately costs the state more than it saves.

  I wouldn't argue either point, because neither point addresses the real issue.

  Both sides assume that somebody has a pre-existing claim to your money. They don't. I should decide on who qualifies to be the recipient of my charity, just as you should decide who qualifies to be the recipient of yours.

  I admit I would probably be a little hesitant to give assistance to someone who continually makes crappy decisions, but that's my choice. It shouldn't be the governments.

Either way.


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