Thursday, July 11, 2013

Say it ain't so, Joe...

  I'm pretty sure I was on the receiving end of somebody's practical joke today. When I was going through the mail, I found a letter from Joe Biden. Thinking it might be an apology, I went ahead and opened it.

  Instead of an apology, it was a note from Joe asking me to send him some money. Apparently, Joe is afraid the Republicans will gain control of the Senate in 2014 and cut government spending.

  Well Joe, I'm not going to send you any more money than you already forcibly take from my paycheck. Besides, with the taxes, fees and regulations the government has placed on nearly everything I buy at every point from its manufacturing to its sale, you are already getting about half of the cost of every item.

 But I can assure him that he needn't worry. The last time Republicans controlled the Senate, they passed the largest increase in Medicare spending ever, passed the Patriot Act, and tacked a couple of trillion dollars onto the federal debt.

  You have a lot of things to worry about, Joe, but the GOP reducing government and government spending isn't one of them.

  I did appreciate the postage paid envelope, though. I'm putting some Libertarian information in it and sending it back to Joe.

  Maybe he will discover that reducing government isn't really anything to worry about.

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