Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm not getting over it...get over that...

  I read another editorial the other day explaining that Obamacare is now the law, and that it's been ruled Constitutional, and that we just need to get over it. I've never been very good about just getting over "it", and our country was founded by a bunch of people who weren't very good about getting over "it" either.

  If they had been good at getting over it, I'd probably be drinking tea instead of coffee every morning.

  And I've also noticed that whether or not something is Constitutional depends more on who is on the Supreme Court at the time than it does on the Constitution.

  There are a lot of government programs that have been instituted over the years that require the threat of government force to make people participate in them. I haven't gotten over those yet, and I'm still working to remove government force from the equation, and allow people who want to opt out the chance to opt out.

  So, I'm not about to get over this one, either.

  Get over it.


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