Thursday, October 19, 2006

Going down a hard road...

It never fails to amaze me what people will accept. This story in the Palladium-Item on October 18th describes what has been touted by some as "economic development at it's best." It fails to mention that Tom Dickman is a Wayne County Commissioner, who appoints members to the EDC. Taxpayers have already been forced to bail-out this privately owned property twice, and now they are not only picking up the extra tab created by the granting of tax abatements to the Dickmans, they are also chipping in nearly $700,000.00 to build the brothers a road.

This isn't economic development at it's best. This is forced re-distribution at it's worst. From the working class to the connected.


Blogger Jim Staley said...

There are so many ridiculous quotes in that article...there isn't enough room here. Sad...really sad. Seems to be a lot of conflict of interests too.

7:05 AM  

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