Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's a mad, mad world...

Excuse me please, just needing to vent.

From the "imagine that" department:

- Mitt Romney, the Mormon, is the only leading Republican presidential contender that is still on his first marriage. Reminds me of the 2004 Indiana Governor's race when the only candidate that hadn't smoked marijuana was the Libertarian.

-Two of SJR-7's most ardent supporters, State Senator Brandt Hershman and Advance America's Eric Miller, are divorcees. SJR-7 supposedly would protect the sanctity of marrige. Go figure.

-Locally, some folks are concerned that a manure spill into a Randolph County stream might find it's way to the Whitewater River and contaminate Richmond's latest sewage spill.

From the "Natural Selection is a Good Thing" department:

-I saw this morning that a man had to be rescued from a tree after he had climbed it to save his bird. (Where's that "Police Academy" guy when you need him?)

-Last week a woman became ill after consuming a large quanity of dog food while trying to convince her pooch that it was actually human food. She's lining up to sue the dog food company.

More to come...


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