Saturday, April 07, 2007

What's in that Kool-Aid, anyway.....

I ran across this humorous article concerning Mike Pence's Farmers Market in Iraq the other day. It's pretty funny if you've a couple of minutes to read it.

When I first heard Pence comparing the safety of a street market in Iraq to a farmers market in Indiana, I thought he must surely consider his constituents to be among the most gullible people in the world. But then I received a letter from Congressman Pence, and it changed my way of thinking.

The letter was sent asking for financial support of the Madison Project, which purports to oppose the big spending habits of the newly elected Democrats in Congress. Pence claims that the way to reduce spending is to elect Republicans. After reading the letter, I realized it's not that he thinks we are gullible. I think he actually believes what he said.

Here is man that can walk down a bombed out Iraqi street, wearing a flak-jacket, surrounded by soldiers and BlackHawk helicopters, and believe that he's at the LPWC garage sale in Hagerstown. Here is a man that can look you in the eye and tell you the Republicans are opposed to excess spending, when the national debt more than doubled under Reagan and will double under Bush. (It's set to hit $9 trillion this July, or $50 trillion depending upon which government agency you believe).

And Hoosiers will re-elect him again in 2008.

Maybe we are that gullible.


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