Friday, June 22, 2007

Republicans say the darndest things....

I don't want people to think that I only pick on Republicans. I've certainly been disappointed by the Democrats' failure to stand by the principles they used to claim, and their failure to even try to live up to their campaign rhetoric.

But the Republicans were my people for a major portion of my life, so I guess I still expect a little more out of them. Besides, I ran across a couple of gems this week, and it just so happens they both came from the GOP. I do trust that the Democrats will provide us with plenty of material in the coming months.

I read an article the other day about Dennis Hastert, the recently deposed Republican U.S. House Speaker from Illinois. The former speaker was relaying a story about a time when one of his constituents was able to reach him on the telephone without being intercepted by Hastert's secretary. Hastert said of the call, "It was some wacko, saying, 'What in the hell are you guys doing in Washington. Taxes are way too high'".

So, one of the highest ranking and most powerful Republicans in the United States thought that a person who claimed that taxes were too high was a whacko? I thought that is what Republicans were supposed to think. Maybe that's part of the reason Hastert isn't as high ranking and powerful as he used to be.

I also recieved a mailing from the District 54 State Representative, Republican Tom Saunders. In it he was touting the benefits of a new tax the legislature enacted this year. The tax will be on cigarettes, and the proceeds will be used to provide free healthcare to various portions of the population that make less than $40,000.00, and meet various other specifications.

Towards the end of the mailing, Representative Saunders states that "The program is not an entitlement program". SAY WHAT? I looked it up to just to be sure. Webster's says an entitlement is "something to which a person is entitled; specif., any of the various benefits provided to qualifying persons under certain government programs.."

Sure sounds like an entitlement to me, but I guess if it was, the Republicans would be opposed to it. So it must not be.

But it sure sounds like an entitlement.


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