Monday, July 23, 2007

Hey, that's not my job!!.....

Whenever I need some plumbing work done, I call Ed. That's what he does. I wouldn't call him if I needed my teeth worked on. He doesn't do that. It works out well that I know what Ed does. And what he doesn't do. That way I don't waste time calling a plumber when I really need a dentist, or vice versa.

I attended a workshop hosted by the Wayne County Council the other evening, along with about 100 other Wayne County taxpayers, a state senator, a state representative, a mayor, and several township officials. The Council was seeking input on adopting the Local Option Income Tax. Oversimplified, it's part of a plan to tranfer part of the burden from property tax payers to income tax payers. The Council made sure the audience understood that this isn't a tax cut or increase, but just a change in where they get the money. And the annual budget increase is still figured in.

Still, there were a couple of suggestions from the audience as to how spending could be cut, and taxes could be reduced. I'm not sure they understood who they were talking too. These were elected Republicans and Democrats. Good people for the most part, I'm sure. But they don't cut spending or reduce taxes.

In order to do that, they would have to reduce the size of government. That's not something they do either. They might shuffle the tax burden from one group of citizens to another, or from big business to small business, or from manufacturing to retail. But they don't cut spending. And they don't reduce taxes.

Now, I'm sure they have a place in society, among people that want more government and higher taxes. But people that want less government and lower taxes need to find a political party and candidates committed to reducing government and taxes.

So we don't waste our time asking somebody for something they can't deliver.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You gotta know that most of these bureaucrats recognize the wrongs they help perpetuate whether elected or appointed. Power going to the head. Be it those kind or even the citizens that vote for personal gain, the rot goes deep.

Rex, you had a property tax plan a while back and this would be a good time to make it available again.
Kevin W.

10:40 PM  

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