Friday, August 31, 2007

Is that your final answer?....

The Legislative Services Agency, which has memebers from the two major political parties along with something refered to as "outside tax experts", has filed it's report on the possibility of eliminating property taxes. Their conclusion is that the only solution is to raise the state income tax to 9%, or the sales tax to 13.2%, or possible variations and combinations of the two.

That sounds extreme to most people, as well it should. It also validates what the Libertarians have been saying all along. Reducing spending isn't even in the equation. The only thing that interests our current crop of elected officials is finding ways to raise as much money as they can spend.

While they might give it lip service,they won't consider reducing spending. They won't seriously consider limiting the amount our schools spend on students, much of which has nothing to do with education. Neither will they consider trimming the budget busting entitlements of agencies at the local and state levels.

There is a way to eliminate property taxes that doesn't involve simply transfering the burden to another pocket. It requires downsizing government, and in turn reducing it's cost.

That's not something our current legislators are going to do.


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