Sunday, August 26, 2007

Oh the shame, and what nerve...

It could be that I embarrassed a little to easily in my younger days. I remember once at Millvile Grade School when I accidentally tucked my shirt inside of my Fruit of the Looms. When Stinky Wilmont started laughing and pointed it out to the other kids, I felt so bad I hid out the rest of the day with Summit Taylor in the furnace room.

People don't seem to bothered nowadays if they have a portion or all of thier unmentionables exposed, and I guess if it doesn't bother them, it certainly shouldn't bother me. Still, I would like to see just a little more humility in the world.

I was reading the paper today, and I came across a story about the Reverend Ted Haggard, who was cast out of his church because of some unwise choices he made about drugs and sex. Apparently that turn of events has limited his fund-raising abilities, so he is asking people to donate enough money to support him and his wife for two years as he pursues other career opportunities.

I felt the same way last week at a parade we had in Hagerstown for it's Jubilee Day Festival. I always appreciate the people that take part in the parade, and I know from experience how much work and effort it takes, but given the current property tax mess and general mood, I was surprised to see the Republican float and the officeholders that were standing around it. Now that takes nerve!


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They have no shame.

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