Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cold and flu season...and maybe a little jail time...

Cold and flu season is approaching, and as usual we are being deluged with a lot of good advice on how to avoid becoming ill. I found this story the other day that shows we should also be careful even after we get sick.

Apparently Sally Harpold, a grandmother from Clinton Indiana, purchased a box of Zyrtec-D cold medicine for her husband at one drugstore, and then less than a week later bought a box of Mucinex-D for her daughter.

What she didn't realize was that she is only allowed to buy up to 3.0 grams of pseudo ephedrine, an ingredient in over the counter cold medicines, per week. The two purchases netted 3.6 grams.

It also brought the police to her door 4 months later, where she was arrested, hand-cuffed, hauled into jail, questioned about her cold medicine purchases, and then bailed out by her husband who was thankfully over his cold and able to get to the jail to bring her back home.

The Vermillion County Prosecutor and the Vermillion County Sheriff justified the arrest as a valid method for battling methamphetamine production in small labs in Indiana, and forcing it to be manufactured in larger labs in Mexico.

It is a travesty that any elected official would defend a law that allows an arrest like this to take place.

It's an even bigger travesty that so many of us won't condemn a law that allows an arrest like this to take place.

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