Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Da Doo Ron Ron....

Every Labor Day weekend for the last seven years, we've held a garage sale as a fundraiser for the local Libertarian Party at our home on State Road 38 a couple miles west of Hagerstown. It's a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun, and it gives us a chance to meet a lot of nice people, and a chance to discuss politics if anyone is so inclined.

But it's getting a little more complicated this year. Inez Tenenbaum, chairwoman of the recently revitalized Consumer Product Safety Commission is cracking down on ne'er do wells at garage sales and church bazaars that are breaking a new federal law which makes it a crime to resell anything that has been recalled by its manufacturer.

Even with an extra $117 million in it's budget to hire new enforcers, the Commission is counting on consumers to turn in violators. I can't imagine that most garage salers would pay much attention to such laws, but then again I'm not taking any chances.

I was going through some of the donated items the other night and ran across an old Shaun Cassidy album.

I don't know if it's against the law to sell it, but it probably ought to be.

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