Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Between the lines...

Our house is located in with a row of houses along the highway, and when I'm telling someone who is trying to locate our house how to identify it, along with telling them the address, I usually say "There is a flagpole in the front yard".

I guess I can still do that, but after a driver apparently dozed off and ran off of the road, the description "flagpole in the front yard" has taken on a different meaning.

We were glad, of course, that no one was injured, but we did hate to lose that flagpole. And then there's also the matter of the flagpole being stuck to the front of his truck as it continued across the driveway, hooking on the telephone and cable television lines as it went.

I figured I could live without the internet for a few days until the phone company was able to get out and hook the lines back up, and cell phones have replaced the land line for the most part, anyway. I guess we keep the land line for the fax machine that we don't use all that much anymore.

We still had the TV stations that come in over the satellite dish, which we kept because of the channels our children and grandchildren like, that we couldn't afford from cable TV, which we got because we couldn't get local news stations on the satellite.

But since the usual option of getting most of my news from the internet and local TV stations didn't exist, I tried a couple of satellite TV options. Briefly.

We've been trying to teach our grandchildren, as we were taught, and as we tried to teach our children, that it's proper and polite to allow another person to finish speaking before you speak. Apparently nobody taught the people at FOX or MSNBC anything along those lines.

At any rate, I'm glad I still get newspapers, and I'm glad the cable guy and the telephone guy showed up today.

And I thanked them when they were done.


Blogger Aspergers.life said...

I recall the old days when most news was printed on big sheets of paper appropriately called "newspapers" and telephones with wheels you had to "dial" were hard-wired to the wall.

2:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fox is at times as much as a joke as any "news" organization that somehow keeps a straight face when claiming credibility.

K. Wickes

5:58 PM  

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