Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Where never is heard, a discouraging word...

If you've ever been in the small part of the crowd, you've probably felt like you might have been fighting a losing battle occasionally. As a Libertarian pushing for a Constitutionally limited government, I know the feeling well. And sometimes more than occasionally.

But occasionally, you can get a little boost. Last evening, I attended the Young Americans for Liberty presentation, "The War on Terrorism, The Constitution and Civil Liberties. I had pretty much resigned myself to the notion that the Libertarians were the only group protesting the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act, which now gives Barack Obama, (and possibly Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum in the future), the power to order the detention and execution of any person, anywhere in the world.

Last night I discovered that not only Libertarians like Jacob Hornberger oppose this latest and unprecedented expansion of abusive government power, but so do Liberals like Glenn Greenwald, and Conservatives like Bruce Fein. And they oppose it passionately. It felt pretty good to hear representatives of three different philosophies speaking out against government and for freedom. And I slept a little better when I finally made it to bed.

And besides all of that, I finally had the chance to meet Jacob Hornberger:

It was a good night, and gave a little hope for a better tomorrow.


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