Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well, gee...uh...thanks....I guess...

  One of the rules when I was growing up was that when Grandma and Grandpa gave you something for Christmas, you  smiled and said an enthusiastic "Thank you!", even if what they gave you was a sweater, or some corduroy bib overalls, or some gloves. My children were raised with the same rule, and judging from some of the clinched teeth whispers at our family Christmas gatherings, I assume my Grandchildren have received the same instructions.
  I recall one Christmas several years ago, when our youngest son Jonathan was convinced his present from Grandma that year was a Power Ranger sleeping bag. Apparently he came to that conclusion during some pre-Christmas closet snooping at Grandma's house. His Grandma, however, being a little bit on the mischievous side, decided to switch tags so that Jonathan instead opened his cousins pink Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag instead.
  It's hard to accurately describe the pained smile on his face when he opened that gift and then tried to muster a believable "Gee, thanks, Grandma".
  It's a lot like the look many of my Republican friends on their faces when they talk about Mitt Romney. And I know they know they are supposed to support their candidate, and I know a lot of them will go ahead and vote for Mitt, but I don't believe they'll be smiling when they do.
  At least not a real smile, anyway. 


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