Saturday, December 29, 2012


  I told our preacher one time, (after a seemingly lengthy sermon), that no souls are saved after 20 minutes. I guess I don't know for sure that 20 minutes is always the limit, but I have noticed that in many situations, the audience is done listening before the speaker is done speaking.

  I saw a link to a video the other day that was supposedly about 4 warning signs that happen just minutes before you have a heart attack. I thought it might be something I should know, just in case there was anything I needed to do before I checked out.

  When I clicked on the link, I noticed the video was 35 minutes long. Now, it seems to me it shouldn't take 35 minutes to list 4 warning signs, but then, I'm the type of person that thinks it shouldn't take 30 minutes to preach a sermon.

  While I enjoy a good novel when I want to be entertained, I appreciate it when someone can make a point in just a few minutes. And at my age, I try to avoid starting any long novels.

  But that's just me.


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