Wednesday, December 19, 2012

See you Saturday...maybe...

  I'm sure most people are aware that the Mayans predicted that the world would end this Friday. But I figure if the Mayans really knew anything about predicting what was going to happen in the future, they wouldn't have gotten so chummy with the Spaniards.

  On the other hand, I suppose there's a possibilty they called this one right. And even if they didn't, we know the world is going to end for around 200,000 people on Friday. It ends for about that many people every day. So even if Friday isn't the end of the world for all of us, it will be the end for some of us, and it will move the end a little bit closer for the rest of us.

  So I've decided I'm not going to treat this Friday any differently than last Friday. Mom always said to wear clean underwear in case you're in an accident or the world ends, so I'll probably keep doing that. And I think I've got things squared away with God. I know some people wouldn't agree, and I don't want to seem over confident, but I'm feeling pretty good in that respect.

  I guess if there's something really important that we've been wanting to do, we probably ought to go ahead and do it, no matter when our world ends. And then if our world lasts longer than we thought it was going to, we'd have time to do it again.

  That's what I think I'll do, anyway.

  And I'll see you Saturday.

  Or not.


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