Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Get well or die....

I posted this observation a while back concerning the government's use of force, and potential use of deadly force, in order to assure that people mowed their yards and wore their seat belts. As much as some people don't like to admit it, every law the government makes is backed up by force, and non-compliance with those laws will ultimately lead the government to resort to deadly force.

It's the reason I think government should be limited to only making and enforcing laws that protect its citizens from force and fraud. So that they don't have as many reasons to shoot us.

As absurd as it seems that we could be shot for not mowing our yard, or not wearing our seat belt, one of the possible consequences of the move towards government enforced health care seems even more absurd. One of the proposed plans calls for a hefty fine on individuals who don't purchase health insurance. Once again, as long as you comply, no problem. If you decide you want to pass on the insurance, for whatever reason, you will be fined. If you decide the government has no business fining you for this reason, you will be arrested. If you decide the government has no business arresting you for not having health insurance, you may be shot.

I guess it's their way of saying, "Now don't you wish you had insurance?"

On the bright side, it looks like push for the plan is losing a little steam, so maybe the final compromise won't be worth getting killed over.

And I'm going to mow my yard as soon as it quit raining.

I promise.



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