Sunday, May 02, 2010

See Paul run...

I have some runners in my family, but it takes a lot of effort from me just break into a good saunter. That's what 40 years of roofing does to the knees, I guess.

Over towards New Paris Ohio last evening, in a campground just behind where Larkey's Tavern used to set, I had the pleasure to meet a man that loves to run. He also loves freedom, and he has combined the two passions and created the Run for Liberty. Paul Both is in the process of running (in shoes with individual toe spaces), from Huntington Beach California to the Statue of Liberty.

His friend Chris Swenson is riding a bicycle along the way, shouting encouragement to Paul, and video recording the adventure along the way. the plan is to make a documentary about the trip. I look forward to seeing it. He's also recording interviews with people like me across the country.

Also accompanying Paul on his trek is Michael Cernak. He's driving the support vehicle and pulling their RV named The Galt, (you gotta love that name!) and fending off spiders, (apparently more successfully at some times than at others).

In my discussions with Chris and Michael, (while Paul was recuperating from another 26 mile leg of the journey), I was happy to hear about the number of people they have met who are genuinely upset with the direction our federal government is headed. And I'm happy that there are dedicated people like Paul, Chris and Michael to raise awareness and push the issues. If everybody committed to preserving and regaining our freedom had their determination, regardless of whether you're running for office, or the east coast, or doing what you feel is best to reverse the growth of government, I have to believe we would all be in a lot better shape.

As I mentioned, Chris is also recording videos along the way, and he made the mistake of putting me in front of his video camera and asking my opinion on various functions of the government.

I think I ran the batteries down.

But hey, that's what you get for asking a Libertarian what he or she thinks.

You're probably going to find out.

Make sure to stop by Run for Liberty on Facebook, or visit to wish them well and cheer them on.



Blogger Paul Both said...

Awesome!! Thank you for coming out and doing a stellar interview for us. You are dead on!! Sorry I didn't get to spend more time with you. Give 'em hell in the election.

9:43 PM  

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