Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Guess again...

When I received my census form back in March, I marked down that there were 2 people living in our house, and sent it back in. That's really all the government needs to know in order to allocate congressional seats. I was satisfied that I had given them all the information they needed, and I went on about my business.

When I came home from work tonight, there was a car sitting in my driveway, and a woman got out carrying a big briefcase with "U.S. CENSUS" in big white letters on it. She told me she worked for the census bureau, and then asked me if I would answer some questions.

I explained that I had already replied to the pertinent question on the first form I received, and I explained again How the government had used supposedly confidential information against its citizens in the past. I don't think she cared all that much.

I told her I didn't see the need to answer when she asked me what race I was. She went ahead and checked "white". I told her that was a good guess. Probably had something to do with the training she received when she decided to be a census worker.

She didn't have as much luck when she tried to guess my birthday. Not enough training, I guess.

At any rate, now they know that two people live here and that one of us is white. I can't imagine why anybody would spend $14.5 billion to find that out.

But then again, I guess its not their money.



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