Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Every little bit helps...

I've long maintained that almost everybody is at least a little bit Libertarian. I believe that in their private lives, most people don't rely on force, or the threat of force, that government depends on when dealing with their neighbors.

And when there is a discussion of political philosophies, a growing number of people seem to be agreeing with Libertarian ideals, especially when discussing them one at a time. Most people hit a stumbling block somewhere along the way, sometimes on one issue, and sometimes on more than one.

It's pretty common for people to be opposed to government handouts, except for the one that they are getting.

I read in the paper today that some in the government are looking to decrease or eliminate farm subsidies. I don't really believe that will happen or amount to much under our current leaders, but I do believe a lot more farmers would be a little more Libertarian if it did.

A lot of them are pretty close already.


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