Monday, January 30, 2012

Gimme Shelter....

Sometimes a really good thing happens that just makes you want to scream. I read this story last weekend about a woman who had left $700,000.00 to one of our local animal shelters. I thought it was a nice gesture on her part. If I had $700,000.00 to leave to charity when I go, I probably would have chosen a different outlet, but it was her money, and she certainly had the right to give it to anybody she desired.

I know that animal shelters often have a hard time making ends meet. Especially during economic downturns, when both public funds and private donations get a little scarcer, and more people have trouble caring for their pets, and either abandon them or turn them in to the shelters. My first thought was that $700,000.00 would buy a lot of cat food, and nueter a lot of pets.

I went on to read that the shelter was going to use $500,000.00 for remodeling their building, and save the rest of it until they were able to raise another $400,000.00, so that they could do some more remodeling.

That's where the screaming part came in.


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