Thursday, May 24, 2012

When life gives you lemons....

 I tend to get a little disgusted when the government takes our road use taxes and spends them on something other than roads. That's one of the reasons I work to get Libertarians elected to office. So I won't have to get disgusted quite so much.

  I was also a little disgusted a month or so ago when the horn on my truck quit working. I don't really use it that much, since I don't do a lot of driving in big cities. And since I drive with my window down most of the time. If I want to get somebody's attention I can usually just holler out that window at them. Still, I thought that horn should have lasted a little longer than it did.

 After determining that a blown fuse wasn't the problem, I had resigned to the fact that my truck wasn't going to have a working horn, and that I was just going to have to do a little more hollering from time to time.

  But as luck would have it, while traveling along Interstate 70 yesterday, I hit a chuckhole about the size of my first apartment. I think I broke a belt on one of my tires, and bent a rim in the process. The good news is my horn started working again.

  And all because the government decided to give $300,000.00 from the road fund to the Thelonius Monk Jazz Institute.

  I suppose I should be thankful.

  But I'm still a little disgusted.


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