Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Foisted on our own petards...

  It's campaign season again, and there are some things you can always count on. I ran into Phil Pflum at the Wayne County Fair last week. He is the current District 56 Representative. He's also a friend of mine, and outside of being a Democrat and having some flawed ideas concerning the role of government, he's a real decent sort of guy. I hope he runs a strong second in the election this fall. Or even a strong third.

  Anyway, Phil shows up to campaign for re-election at the Wayne County Fair every election year, and every election year he passes out Indiana road maps, like this:

  They're awfully nice maps, and everybody seems just real happy to get one. I don't know if they all realize that their tax dollars paid for the maps, and probably paid for the stickers with Phil's name and picture on them.

  I don't know if anybody paid to put the stickers on the map.

  Like I said, Phil's a pretty nice guy, so I'm really hoping he put them on by himself.


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