Thursday, August 13, 2009

1 in a million...or two...

I buy a couple of lottery tickets every week. I know it's a long shot, but somewhere in the back of my mind there's a belief that I might beat the odds and hit the jackpot. Mostly though, I know it's probably not going to happen. But I keep buying those tickets. Just in case.

I don't know if that's irrational or just far-fetched. Or maybe a little of both.

I know of a few people who believe the Reds might bounce back and take the World Series. At least they say there's a chance.

Last Monday, 13 of the 14 Republicans on the Indianapolis City Council voted to increase the hotel tax in Indy to 10% in order to raise more money for the Capitol Improvement Board, so the Colts will have somewhere to play football, and so the Pacers will have somewhere to play basketball.

A lot of people vote for Republicans because they think it will bring less government and lower taxes.

I guess anything's possible.

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